Wednesday, February 28, 2007


the bill for our yearly embryo storage came in the mail this week. it felt a little surreal.

a year ago, we were praying for a bfp... today we have 2 perfect 4 month old babies!

i miss blogging -- and the people!

It's weird... as perfect as life is right now... i keep thinking about having to go through it again... which i know is crazy... i should shut up and appreciate! (i do appreciate my babies!!!) they say that IF stress compares to the stress of cancer -- and i keep thinking that going through IVF again would be like self inflicting that stress... putting it that way makes me feel crazy.

All that to say... I know for SURE that once considered IF - it's ALWAYS there. you live with it. period.

I have to run... my very adorable-demanding-lack-of-sleeping babies need me! I hope to catch up soon... i seriously miss my blogging world!