Friday, March 30, 2007

a Naming Ceremony

we're planning a naming ceremony for our children... we've decided that we do not want an 'actual' baptism -- but we WANT our children to have "god parents". Technically -- that seems wrong since godparents are the result of a baptism -- but both of us have godparents from our baptism that didn't 'help raise us in the church'... so then isn't that wrong too?

my mom said 'you should just baptise them' i said 'they can chose that later if they want' she said "you know they wont..." why? cause we're not religious? wait... that's MY point!!! ha!HA!

My MIL straight out said it was stupid. We couldn't have god parents without a baptism. I guess she's the baptism/godparent police.

Who can say it's STUPID to want to celebrate our children. I found this on a site...
"A baby naming ceremony offers a beautiful alternative, giving you a chance to openly welcome your child and affirm your love and commitment to them surrounded by a loving circle of family and friends." put that way - who looks dumb?

I know she'll come around -- it's just completely frustrating that her initial knee-jerk reaction is to call it stupid and make me feel horrible. ARH.

My sisters on the other hand think it's a wonderful idea.

sorry. needed to vent.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Would you print your Blog?

I've been wanting to print mine out to keep.... and i just realized you can actually get them printed! (

Would you do it? I'm a little worried because there's stuff in there i wouldn't want ANYBODY to read... but then again -- if i had a physical diary I wouldn't expect anybody to read that either... um...

I'm sure i'll print it -- although the level of edit might be more than my true emotions ... we'll see!

And thanks to those that commented on my last post...

and -- Yes, I'm a professional photographer.

On this topic -- i think I could write a WHOLE book on my MIL and the stuff she's said/done since the babies are here that leave us scratching our heads... but I wont.

E is calling me so I gotta run!